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BOP 13.36 -0.07 PAEL 25.21 -0.12 OGDC 154.19 1.18 UBL 142.12 -7.48 TRG 25.7 0.09 PIBTL 11.09 -0.15 KAPCO 46.1 -0.69 NBP 44.6 -1.03 KEL 6.23 -0.04 FCCL 22.44 -0.03 UNITY 19.87 -0.26 ATRL 124.19 1.33 FFBL 41.66 -0.15 HBL 133.51 -1.62 ISL 68.12 1.02 BAHL 85.77 1.5 HUBC 88.99 0.77 EPCL 36.57 -0.46 DGKC 94.96 0.82 FFC 107.99 0.47 EFERT 74.9 -0.11 SNGP 78.21 -0.77 SSGC 23.48 -0.29 EFOODS 82.01 -0.45 KOHC 93.5 2.94 BYCO 9.29 -0.12 BAFL 48.89 -0.31 PSMC 275.9 13.13 ASL 10.41 -0.22 MLCF 44.17 -0.13

Services List.

FNEL provides following services to its clients:

Brokerage and Trading of Equities

The brokerage of securities is the principal business of the Company. This division deals with over 625 stocks which are traded in all of the three stock exchanges of the country. Its success is dependent upon the collaborated effort contributed by the market intelligence, Sales and Trading sub-divisions. An affluent flow of information between various departments’ enables us create markets and complete transactions without any loss of time. The staff has been trained to undertake complex trades promptly and at the best possible prices. FNEL aims to offer personalized services to institutions as well as high net-worth clients. Currently, Brokerage Division deals in the following instruments:

  • Stocks
  • Pakistan Investment Bonds
  • Treasury Bills TFCs/Corporate Bonds
  • National Investment Trust Units
  • Certificates of Investment (COIs)
  • Letter of Placements
  • Repos


The Investments Division of FNE makes investments/disinvestments on the Company's behalf as well as for its valuable clients. Investments are made in high quality shares as well as shares which are most actively traded. Special attention is paid to Value Picks which guarantee growth in income as well as ensure capital gains. The Portfolio Investments’ team analyses the different risk factors and makes sure that the portfolio risk of the company is kept at an optimum level. The limits which are created to mitigate risks are defined for the following:

The limits which are created to mitigate risks are defined for the following:

  • Each Asset Class
  • Individual Securities
  • Counter-Parties


FNE provides consultancy and advisory services to government owned entities, corporate clients and private individuals. The Company has managed to establish close relationships with the financial institutions it deals with and therefore, it is able to manage time and cost efficiently. At the moment, FNEL's Corporate Finance Division is specializing in the following activities:

  • Securities Based Financing (TFCs)
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO) & Private Placements
  • Syndication
  • Privatization
  • Project Advisory
  • Local and International Placements
  • Credit Rating Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt Restructuring

Market Intelligence

First National Equities Limited has setup its own Market Intelligence desk, which is comprised of highly competent professionals.

Our advice is always 100% sovereign and unbiased. We regularly update our valuable clients on stock market trends through daily briefings and market intelligence advices with current and up to date information accompanied by related analysis on macroeconomic, political and corporate environment prevailing in the country.

In addition to this, FNEL's intelligence is based on a continuous and detailed evaluation of industry and company-specific information. Our daily updates and timely recommendations on stock market moves enable our clients to get good returns on their investment and at the same time reduce the gap between investors and Karachi Stock Exchange.

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