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With the advent of internet, the world has become a global community. Distances have been reduced and the pace of transactions has become relentless. We, at FNEL, giving top priority to our valued clients, provide a trading platform that eliminates all hindrances and allows clients to execute transactions at will.

The financial markets have experienced a major transformation of late and keeping that in view, we aim to deliver our best to keep our clients satisfied. With real-time information available on our website and online platform, clients will be advantaged by this low-cost, cutting-edge technology. Nevertheless, we continue to provide our clients with valuable information, including news, reviews and online assistance. Moreover, our representatives are always available to provide assistance on every matter, from giving tips to executing orders.

Our aim of providing convenience, control and reduced cost to clients makes our online trading platform the perfect choice.

The investor can place an order as per convenience, regardless of market timings. Account is accessible round the clock and can be checked when required.

With the power to execute transactions, the online investor is in a much better position to analyze market trends and thus manage portfolio in accordance.

With no brokers directly involved, the cost per transaction is significantly reduced, thus making the online investor wealthier.

Remember, we are here to develop a promise, a promise to fulfil your financial aspirations.

Online Trading Features

Real Time Market Watch

You can watch the market ups and downs of trading market in real time.

Market By Order & Market By Price

Browse market according to the way you want it to be.

Index Watch

Watch the indices of stock markets

Volume Leaders, Gainers & Losers Watch

Shows you the top Volume leaders, gainers and losers of market.

Detailed Accounts Statements

Detailed financial account statements are being presented to you!

Very Easy User Interface

Very easy and interactive user friendly interface for online marketing.

Bunch Trading (Buy or Sell Multiple Item With One Click)

You can buy and sell multiple shares/ items with just single click.

Nil Position (Nil Your Account With Just One Click)

Buy and sell in real time making your account from zero to hero!

Intraday Technical Charting (1 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min & 1 Hour)

Technical Chars about the market in Real Time.

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